Kodiak Apex 6 Passenger Golf Cart | Defender 6 Passenger Golf Cart

No matter what Kodiak Apex 6 passenger golf cart model you decide on – the Apex or Defender, or the lifted or nonlifted -, you’ll be sure to have an unforgettable ride experience when driving or riding on a Kodiak golf cart. With the 6 passenger model, a front row and middle row of seats face forward, and the back two seats face backward, and also flip over to create a flat surface for transporting materials. Under the flip back seat is also a small storage compartment, and the footrest on the back seat can fold in as well, reducing the length of the golf cart and saving storage space. Extra storage space is also under the front row of seats, while the Eco lithium battery is under the middle row of seats. All Kodiak golf carts come with a lithium battery unless otherwise specified.

The Kodiak Apex 6 Passenger golf cart is ready to be registered for street use – it comes with features including headlights, tail lights, brake lights, seat belts, a horn, and a windshield, along with a maximum speed of 25mph, making it eligible to be registered as a low speed vehicle (LSV) and certified for use on public roads with a speed limit of 35mph or less. Other features of the Kodiak golf cart is the large golf car cabin – the largest in its class with vast open legroom space, making it great for taller drivers and passengers -, hydraulic disc brakes, and a built-in 12 volt converter with USB ports for adding features such as stereo or LED lighting.

Kodiak golf carts have a 2 year warranty and the Eco lithium battery has an 8 year warranty.

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Specifications For Kodiak Apex 6 Passenger Golf Cart

All specifications and features are shared between 6 passenger nonlifted and lifted carts unless otherwise specified.

Motor: 48 Volt, AC 5kw, 6.8hp
Battery: Eco Lithium 105ah Battery Pack or T-875 Batteries
Charger: On Board
Transaxle: 10.5:1 High Speed Rear Axle,
Controller: Curtis© Controller
Seating Capacity: 6 Persons
Forward Speed: Up to 25 m.p.h.
Max. Dist. / Full Charge: Approximately 25-35 miles with Lithium Batteries
Climbing: Safe Climbing 25% Grade/Max Climbing 35% grade
Max Pay Load: 900 pounds
Chassis: Aluminum Frame, Rear Drum with Electromagnetic Brake,
Rear Wheel Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Cart Weight: 1090 lbs
Body: PP Material
Cart Dimensions: 134” Overall Length
Max Load: 1325 lbs
Lights: Deluxe LED Light Kit; turn signals, brake lights, horn,
and hazards
Wheels: 12”-14” Custom Rim with DOT rated tires
Other: State of Charge Indicator, Digital Speedometer, 12v DC Outlet,
USB Adapters, Side Mirrors, Seat Belts
Seats: Premium Tsunami Seat Cushions